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    Every man’s dream is establish a family, build house, to raise a son and plant a tree. Our story is about house. House or place where to live is the life primary necessity.

    Faced with the desire to build or buy your own house you will face with following challenges:

    • If I want to buy already built a house then the price of it very likely is high. The sellers claim that price for house is fair and cheaper is not possible. Banks say that seller’s price is too high and do not give credits. Vicious circle.
    • If I decide to build a house by my own It will be serios challenge to find a really good construction workers for acceptable money.
    • Of course Time it takes to build a house from zero. Using traditional materials it takes from 6 months and more.

    And You aske your self is it really no other solutions how to build a quality house for reasonable price where construction is simple and you don’t need 6 months to build it.

    It turns out such a solution is. It is SIP or Structural Insulated Panels. It was surprise that talking with industry professionals we concluded that they are with prejudice against using SIP. Then probably the last one in this story, trying to find out the justification of prejudices, in all cases we came to the answer that they are based on the subjective feelings of specialists

    This gave rise to the belief that SIP deserved more attention and application in construction.

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    Edgars Kristjansons